Building Pictures Square

Building Pictures is an architecture film producer which goal is to bring people closer to arquicteture.

From 2013 to 2019, it has produced more than 150 short films, while collaboratting with a lot of portuguese and other international architects such as ARX Portugal, CVDB architects, Spaceworkers, b720 Fermin Vazquez Architects, Ensamble Studio, Summary, Fahr 021.3 as well as some institutions linked to the promotion and appreciation of portuguese architecture such as Ordem dos Arquitectos, Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa, Casa da Arquitectura, Serralves, between others.

In 2014, Building Pictures invited architects, architecture students, landscape artists, anthropologists, artists and other creative people to document Portuguese architecture through films that shared their perceptions and experiences in inspiring spaces, carved by memories or that were part of their daily routines …. Essentially, their favorite places. Thus, 31 videos were submitted, of which 24 were selected for the edition for this experimental documentary on Portuguese architecture: “What is your favorite space?”. In 2015, it was considered by Archdaily as one of the “30 documentaries of architecture and urbanism to see in 2015”.

Often, their short films are selected to be part of film festivals, film cycles and architectural exhibitions, such as: Encontros da Imagem 2015 (Series: Arquitectura à Moda do Porto), Arquitecturas Film Festival (Doc: Qual é o teu Espaço Favorito? – 2014), Bienal de Veneza de 2016 (Curta: Sistema Gomos), 3rd Istanbul Design Biennale 2016 (Curta: Abrantes Municipal Market) Architecture Player: Public Sessions – Itália 2016 (Curta: Sistema Gomos) In\ Visible Cities – Urban Multimedia Festival 2015 (Curta: Metamorfose – FAHR 021.3). Their work is also regularly published in a range of several diferent publications, both nationally and internationally, on platforms such as Domus, Archdaily, Dezeen, Arquitectura Viva, among many others.

In 2016, Building Pictures’ Youtube channel was one of 13 international architectural channels featured by Archdaily.

In 2018, their short film “Albergues Noturnos do Porto” was among the 5 finalists of the spanish prize: Simon Architecture Prize.

Building Pictures is currently making its first feature film about one of the greatest architecture photographers: Fernando Guerra. The film will debut in 2019, at São Jorge cinema in Lisbon.

In addition, the team is currently working on a documentary about one of the most important portuguese architects: Siza Vieira.

Advantages of being at UPTEC

It was at UPTEC that Building Pictures took their first steps.

It was fundamental in the solidification of the business idea, in the learning about the management of the business and in the creation of a network of clients and partners.

On the other hand, belonging to UPTEC, is to be part of a community in the true meaning of the term. A community of exchange of ideas, knowledge, work, sharing of successes and also failures, which are fundamental for growth. The possibility of having neighbors who share the same creative and innovative spirit and who go through the same difficulties is truly inspiring.

Being at UPTEC, was realizing that we can get there by ourselves, but together we can go further.