Get Hands Dirty Square

Get Hands Dirty is a project created in 2015 to promote the creation and building with one’s own hands. In this edition of Concreta, you will have the opportunity to get absorbed by the live building process that defines the Get Hands Dirty Square.

Cristiana Felgueiras, the multi-artist behind the project, enjoys working autonomously involving the most varied media and technologies from video, woodworking, music and sculpture in the artistic practice.

The Get Hands Dirty YouTube channel is where each project culminates and resides in timeless exhibition in an audio-visual format, providing a captivating and enriching level of learning and experience sharing. Mixing the fine arts, design and an entrepreneurial aspiration, each episode tells the story of the construction of various pieces, usually combined with a functional purpose and sharing wood or its derivatives as the main material.

At Concreta 2019 you can visit the Get Hands Dirty square and stop to receive the  inspiration, motivation and creativity needed for your first or next project!