Elipse Square – Drawings by Vasco Mourão

Vasco Mourão is an artist that works on the perception, texture and memory of the urban landscape.
Only with a pen and time, his practice focus on the representation of cities through drawings.
Inhabiting a place between fine art and illustration, Vasco creates bespoke artworks and large scale murals for various private clients, galleries and institutions around the world and working also on selected editorial commissions.

For CONCRETA Vasco will present a new line of work.
A series of 4 pieces on oval brass discs. A work that lies between a sculpture and a two dimensional drawing. Drawing directly on the metal surface sequences of imaginary buildings and constructions that grow into each other in a continuous loop.
Focusing on the concept of a infinite city, of something that has no beginning or end.

Instagram: instagram.com/vascomourao
Facebook: facebook.com/vasco.mourao