Catarina Glam

Catarina Glam Square

Concreta squares are spaces of creation and innovation, which give way to peripheral disciplines, but which increasingly interact in the construction process, such as design, illustration, photography and video. These spaces are themselves an artistic expression signed by the invited authors. Catarina Glam is one of the invited guests of Concreta 2019, where she will present her own message through a large-scale sculpture.

Born in 1985, Catarina Glam focuses on the development of sculptures and public facilities. She has a degree in Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon and has found in murals and woodcarving the possibility of increasing the scale of her creations so that they could exist in the street, spreading her paintings and sculptures cities and national and international contexts.

Discover the UNEXPECTED FRIENDS, a four-sided / 360-degree wood carving, inspired by Exponor Exhibitions slogan “Bringing People Together” at CONCRETA.