Architects Square | OASRN

In this edition of Concreta, in the light of the partnership established with EXPONOR, the Association of Architects – SRN will be present with its own stand, sponsored by AMORIM/GYPTEC, to promote the Norte41º- Center for Architecture, Creativity and Sustainability project, the services provided by the Regional Section and the Architects’ profession.

OASRN will also ensure the organization of a central space, Praça dos Arquitectos [Architect’s Square], sponsored by AMORIM/GYPTEC, which aims to be a stopover / resting / coffee point, where events related to architecture will be held, namely conferences, debates with themes focused on professional practices and project presentations, and where you can visit the exhibition “The Associative Path of Portuguese Architects”, alluding to OASRN’s 20 years.

During the event, OASRN will make a final presentation of the Archetype Prize – 1st Edition and launch of the 2nd Edition. This Award, connected to Innovation, involves architects and construction companies with the intent of designing new products / materials / applications directly linked to construction.

Another commitment of OASRN is to engage in the participation of Architects in the Fair, by providing 20 stands to architects, members of the Association of Architects in preferential conditions (located around Praça do Arquitecto), to allow the presentation / exhibition of their work and the dissemination of their professional services.