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CONCRETA ,the largest national event in the field of construction, architecture, design e engineering of the future. Creativity, trends, sustainability and architecture come together at CONCRETA to celebrate the talent and success of the creative community. With a renewed format, CONCRETA affirms itself by creating bridges of contact between professionals and industry, in a comprehensive and integrative view among sectors.

The new configuration leads visitors through a route through the main exhibition areas of the event, where the so-called “Concreta Squares” are interspersed, spaces of creation and innovation, which give place to peripheral disciplines, but which increasingly interact in the construction process , such as design, illustration, photography and video. These spaces are themselves an artistic expression signed by the invited authors. In its 29th edition, the Biennial now draws a new experience of visiting, based on creativity, innovation and art.

Not to be missed, from October 13 to 16 at Exponor.