Oportunidades de Marketing

Marketing Opportunities

Discover the diverse opportunities we have prepared to help you expand your presence as an exhibitor at CONCRETA.

Email-marketing: placement of a small paragraph of an exhibitor’s news (newsletter sent to visitors, according to number of contents; sending high resolution image with 580x200px)

Social Networks (Facebook and linkedin): Sending a caption and a JPG or PNG image (dimensions: 1080x1080px / 1200x1200px, or higher). In terms of periodicity, if the exhibitor sends different content in a timely manner, we can publicize this same company more than once in social networks.

List of exhibitors on the website: Placement of the company logo on the site CONCRETA – dimension: 320x240px

Concreta Magazine: Concreta will have a magazine fully dedicated to the event that will be distributed free of charge during the three days of the fair. A publication that will be a privileged channel for the visitor and for all exhibitors to know what they can find at the fair and the latest news in the industry. So, and for this publication to be enriched, we would like to invite you to participate in this edition, telling us what the main news that your company will present or even how important Concreta is for the disclosure of your business/products/services.

Such testimony, which should not exceed 300 characters, without spaces, will be subject to editorial treatment by our communication services. We also ask that the statements sent be accompanied by an image, the company or the product/service, with good resolution. We believe this to be another excellent advertising opportunity for your company and that can help direct the visitor to his space at the fair. The deadline for sending the texts is, necessarily, on October 10, 2019. Send the contents to: rosa.catalao@exponor.pt

Sponsorship Opportunities CONCRETE

Concreta is an excellent opportunity to present your products and services in a differentiated and innovative way with a creative community. If you want to highlight your company with a unique concept, idea or event at Concreta 2019, take advantage of the various sponsorship opportunities we have prepared for you.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for CONCRETA 2019, please contact Rosa Catalão through the following email: rosa.catalao@exponor.pt.

Sponsorship Opportunity:

– Official Partner: Associate your company strategically with Concreta. Work together with us to make this edition of the event more successful.

– CONCRETA SQUARES: The identity of the event will be reinforced with Concreta squares, which will promote in a distinctive and practical, the meeting and the business. From exhibition spaces themed to those who receive conferences, workshops and technical sessions; of spaces for projections of films to those that incite the specialized reading; of spaces for the presentation of new services and materials, to those who promote unexpected business meetings; of spaces to relax to those that introduce the sector to the youngest ones… Present in an innovative and distinct way in a Concreta square.

– Communicative Walls: Designed for companies and to communicate the identity of the fair. Adopt a unique and creative participation.

– Concreta Talks: Concreta aims to become a privileged stage for the exhibition and exchange of ideas, presenting and promoting trends and new solutions. Participate in our talks or be the official sponsor of this space.

– Bag and tapes: Mark the official tapes and bags of CONCRETA with your brand. They will be distributed to all visitors and exhibitors.

– Concreta Cocktail: Sponsor Concreta’s official cocktail and / or provide drinks or food.